Product (instrument) used under concrete working circumstancesfor industrial purpose.

SH-21 Hand-Held Hardness Checker SONOHARD


The SH21 is very easy to use and requires no special knowledge of hardness testing in order to operate the instrument. The unit includes all four hardness scales and you can switch between them at the touch of a button.


  • Quick measurement (few seconds).
  • Best repeatability and precision.
  • Direct reading of hardness.
  • Easy to use hand held probe can be quickly applied to a variety of surfaces from any direction.
  • Easy to use - no prior experience of hardness measurement techniques required.
  • Built in memory for data and calibration points.
  • Measures Vickers, Rockwell, Brinell and Shore scales.
  • Interchangeable probes for use with different surface profiles, pipes, concave surfaces, gears valves etc.
  • Portable works with rechargeable lithium ion battery.


  • Evaluation of carburizing, standard quenching and high-frequency quenching
  • Weld hardness measurement for welded structures (tanks, hulls, bridges, steel towers ,etc.)
  • Hardness measurement for a gear tooth flank (narrow area)
  • Measurement of structural strength or hardness of a facility
  • 100% online inspection for components (engine valves, rack bars, crankshafts, bearings, etc.)
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Cable Stripping


Following products are available: the automatic coaxial cable stripping machine ST730, the high precision wire stripping machine ST215 / ST215W and our small but powerful hand tool MiniStrip. For special applications we can modify our machine or tools to meet your requirements.


Programmable stripping machine for coaxial cables up to 7mm OD.

*ST215 / ST215W

High precision stripping machine for cables up to 2.5mm OD.


High precision stripping tool for cables up to 2.5mm OD.


Mobile Hardness Tester HRC3070


The small HRC 3070 is a HiTech portable device for testing the hardness of metals, no matter what the location.This light, compact device has been developed using state of theart technology, based on the proven rebound method. Great care has been taken to ensure ease of use; no switching on and off, no buttons, no wires. All you have to do is pull back, take the measurement and read the hardness value direct in HRC. The instrument turns itself on automatically upon the first test and turns itself off again after about 20 seconds.


  • Big, heavy workpieces or fixed equipment parts.
  • Production line parts during the production process.
  • Material identification at material warehouses.
  • Measurements at hard-to-reach places .

Measurement prerequisites:

  • Minimum surface diameter 10mm
  • Smallest measurement surface radius of curvature 30mm
  • Materials weighing less than 5 kg with thin walls are to be set on a solid support to protect from vibrations
  • Materials weighing less than 2 kg have to be set on a solid support using paste adhesive
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Cluches & brakes

Dry-type single-plate electromagnetic clutches/brakes

  • Sel C&B series
  • Warner series
  • Pancake series
  • For engines
  • Micro series

Dry-type photo Nonexcitation electromagnetic clutches/brakes

  • Permanently closed clutches/brakes
  • Spring closed brake

Non excitation photo Torque control clutches/brakes

  • Powder clutches/brakes
  • Heat pipe cooled powder brake
  • Hysteresis clutch/brake
  • Dry-type single plate brake

Rainfall Sensor


  • Tipping bucket type rainfall sensor made of stainless steel.
  • Amount of rainfall is converted to electric contact signals and transmited to an event recorder or a magnetic counter with a two conductor cable
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3-Cup Type Wind Speed Sensor


  • A heavy-duty type Contact Anemometer with flanged base for mouting.
  • Suitable for common meteological observation.

Temperature/humidity transmitters SK-RHC-C (RS-485)


  • This model is serial RS-485 output type in the SK-RHC series temperature/humidity transmitters. With 5 m cord type and plug-in type probes are provided for SK-RHC series transmitters. Select the probe suitable to your usage. AC adapter is available at option.
  • Output signals from voltage, electric current and RS-485 are selectable at the time of purchase.
  • Three types of external probe are available, that can be interchangeable used with main unit.
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Digital Thermohygrometer Model PC-5000TRH II


  • This model is a multi-functioned thermohygrometer with an internal sensor for indoor temperature and humidity and an external sensor for outdoor temperature.
  • It also displays maximum and minimum values of each measurement and three levels of comfort with WET, DRY and COMFORT.

Electro-magnetic / Eddy current coating thickness meters


  • Simple choice: Easy measurement of coatings applied to either magnetic or non-magnetic metallic substrates by changing the probe only.
  • Special electrode: Furthermore accuracy by superprecise special processing in addition to the CVD treatment.
  • Basic type and multifunction type: Basic types are aiming at simple and easy-to-use. Multifunction types are dealing with various requests of measurements.
  • Easy operation:
  • Large and easily readable display with a single glance, very handy key layout, designs by human engineering.
  • High reliability:
  • Anti-shock structure, special electrodes, long time aging tests and our after-sales service.


Electro-magnetic type probe (Fe type)

This probe is used for non-destructive measurements of the thickness of non-magnetic and non-conductive coatings and linings applied to magnetic metallic substrates (iron, steel, ferrite stainless steel).

Eddy current type probe (NFe type):
  • This probe is used for non-destructive measurements of the thickness of non-conductive and anodic films applied to non-magnetic metallic substrates (aluminum, aluminum alloy, copper, austenitic stainless steel).
  • The meter is high efficiency two points adjustable type and can be applied JIS K 5600, standards, rules used in public or private offices, laboratories, corporations, organizations and also international standards such as ISO 2808, etc.
For magnetic metallic substrates:
  • Machines, automobiles, ships, bridges, structures, etc.
  • Resin, tar epoxy, rubber, enamel, sheets, etc.
  • Zinc, copper, chrome, tin, etc. (excluding electrolytic nickel) Metallikon, parkerizing, oxide films, spray deposit coatings, etc.
For non-magnetic metallic substrates:
  • Aluminum products, housing materials made of aluminum / stainless, machines, tanks, etc.
  • Aluminum products, aluminum sashes, kitchen utensils, appliances, etc.
  • Machines, parts, chemical plants, etc.

Needle & iron piece detectors


  • Available for an optimal item out of various range of products from handy types through on-line types.
  • Both high sensibility and reliability without detecting errors, capable of detecting minute needles and iron pieces. (*sensibility to be confirmed and referred to specifications of each item)
  • Easy to operate even for beginners simply to switch on. Capability of detection and inspection without complex pre-adjustments.(except part of items)


Detection of iron needles, nails and snapped iron pieces strayed in various fabric and industrial products listed below:
  • Sewing products (babies, children , ladies, men's wears, kimono, underwear, pajamas).
  • Carpets, textiles, felts, non-woven fabrics, fabric rolls.
  • Foods and groceries, drugs and medicines, packed articles.
  • First-aid, pre-check for medical care before X-ray inspection, MRI-inspection.
  • Security inspections such as luggage, bags, unattended, suspicious objects.
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Moisture meters


  • Objects which can be measured with the electric moisture meters are an electric insulator or asemiconductor. These are shown equivalently as a parallel circuit of resistance R and electrostatic capacity C. Moisture contents are measured utilizing these electrical characteristics.
  • The electric moisture meters are classified into two types, one utilizes the change of resistance R and the other utilizes the change of electrostatic capacity C.
  • As the relation between moisture and resistance or capacity is different by a kind of materials, several kinds of meters are provided for each object to be measured such as for wood, paper, mortar, etc. or the meter which is applicable to the object to be measured by changing a type of the probe.

Remarks on measurements

  • Electric Resistor Type Moisture meters use the applications of sensitively electric characteristics of measuring objects against the moisture contents and the corresponding relations never be a perfectly correlative one-to- one.
  • In case of measuring with different compositions &combinations, albeit the same material , or with changes in quality, contamination, and furthermore with special processing, chemical treatments, it may be necessary to avert measuring such unfavorable objects, and compensate or average measured values. As for compensating, it is, in general, based on moisture measurement methods in accordance with a drying process.