From our childhood to present day, things are changing continuously. Earlier the rate of change was slow and gradually increased and is accelerating more. The need is to make every one aware that this change is so rapid that now we are on the verge of loosing a life supporting resource from our planet, Pure Drinking Water. How many of us are taking pure drinking water from nature directly?

Our objective is to support nature and life. We have just started in baby steps towards the water saving sector. DROPFIND is in its very initial stage. The sole purpose of having such a division in TAISIE INTERNATIONAL is to introduce a support to our environment in the form of technology to reduce the water losses. Such services are very helpful in reducing the time and labour. There is still lack of awareness in this particular field. We hope the extensive use of the technology will make every one aware of it. As we will grow, we have targeted to be one of the biggest service providers for environmental causes.