List Of Products (instruments) used under concrete working circumstances.

Radarteam Cobra GPR


  • GPR/Antenna system with rugged PC and cart
  • Fully integrated system. Multi frequency operation: 100-900 MHz
  • Air and ground coupled operation. Multiple applications- 0-10 m depth range
  • Real time 2 depth range &channel option. No additional survey needed
  • Best pen etration and data quality in head-to-head tests.

Post Processing

Radarteam is a reseller of GPRSoft from Geoscanners AB. It's the affordable and user friendly solution for displaying, post-processing and interpretating ground penetrating radar data. The software has been divided into logical complexity levels to deliver the required processing functions depending on the demands of the applications. Independently of the kind of user, GPRSoft can deliver the needed tools with the shortest possible learning curve. The modern user interface and the 100% compliance with Windows guidelines for human interfaces guarantees a safe and easy work that focus on the task and not on the used tools.


  • Our products can also be used to detect obstacles, shallow bedrock, other pipes, old foundations and debris in front of "Trenchless Technology Piping" and directional drilling operations.
  • We provide complete systems perfect for rapid surveying without the need for ground coupling the antenna.
  • Inspect internal structures.
  • Identify voids under; roads, airports, bridges, tunnels, railways, dams and buildings.
  • Locate plastic, concrete, clay- or metal pipes.
  • Map concrete before drilling, cutting or coring.
  • Detect obstacles in front of directional drilling operations
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