List Of Products (instruments) used under concrete working circumstances.

Digital Printer Concrete Test Hammer R-7500


Reliable performance, the model R-7500 was subjected to the full items of a durability test in which more than 10,000 anvil impacts were applied (R80 +/- 2), precision test, impact test and vibration test in accordance with the "JIS C 0911-1975, Viblation Testing procedure for Electric Machines and Equipment", clearing all requirments.


  • The D-7000 can read those numbers and value in one lot after all measurments are complited and is extremely efficent and no errors in reading compared with manual models.
  • The rebound number of MODEL N-6500 can be indicated by means of the scale.
  • The main components of this test hammer series have been provided with heat-treatment, hard-chrome plating, and polishing to further increase their precision and durability.
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