Product (instrument) used under geophysical working environment.

Radarteam Cobra GPR


  • GPR/Antenna system with rugged PC and cart
  • Fully integrated system. Multi frequency operation: 100-900 MHz
  • Air and ground coupled operation. Multiple applications- 0-10 m depth range
  • Real time 2 depth range & channel option. No additional survey needed
  • Best penetration and data quality in head-to-head tests.

Post Processing

Radarteam is a reseller of GPRSoft from Geoscanners AB. It's the affordable and user friendly solution for displaying, post-processing and interpretating ground penetrating radar data. The software has been divided into logical complexity levels to deliver the required processing functions depending on the demands of the applications. Independently of the kind of user, GPRSoft can deliver the needed tools with the shortest possible learning curve. The modern user interface and the 100% compliance with Windows guidelines for human interfaces guarantees a safe and easy work that focus on the task and not on the used tools.


  • Our products can also be used to detect obstacles, shallow bedrock, other pipes, old foundations and debris in front of "Trenchless Technology Piping" and directional drilling operations.
  • We provide complete systems perfect for rapid surveying without the need for ground coupling the antenna.
  • Inspect internal structures.
  • Identify voids under; roads, airports, bridges, tunnels, railways, dams and buildings.
  • Locate plastic, concrete, clay- or metal pipes.
  • Map concrete before drilling, cutting or coring.
  • Detect obstacles in front of directional drilling operations
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DNR-18 : Digital Noise Reduction (Ground geophone)


  • Acoustic based water leakage detection can not be completed ignoring Digital Noise Reduction device. This is the most helpful tool for pinpointing of leakage position before excavation.
  • The advanced digital CPU eliminates intermittent interfering noises, like passing vehicles, people talking, and pedestrian footsteps.
  • Traditional band-pass filters filter continuous noises, such as A/C hum, idling motors, and wind. While traditional filters are very useful, they are not able to filter out the common, intermittent noises with broad frequency ranges.
  • DNR-18 has optional accessories for water leak "pinpointing" and water leak "surveying".

LC-2500 : Leak Noise Correlator


  • The new-generation lightweight LC-2500 brings a new dimension to leak detection.It's extremely portable and easy to set up and run. Input pipe materials, pipe diameters, and lengths between Red and Blue sensors by simply selecting them in the program menus. The automatic functions can do the rest.The Main processor Unit displays the correlation "picture" and the distances to the leak from the Red pre-amp transmitter and the Blue pre-amp transmitter.
  • Software support will be there for necessary post analysis.
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PL-960 : Meatal Pip and cable locator


  • Fuji PL-960 Pipe and Cable locator has been developed by use of the most reliable performance differential pick-up coil which has been fully testified by the facts experienced with Fuji PL-801 since 1980.
  • The PL-960 offers a high power, high frequency locating. With 3 active frequencies, 27kHz, 83kHz, and 334kHz.
  • Occasionally, high frequency jumps non-conductive insulators and gaskets. Pull up depth measurement increases the reliability of the depth measurement.
  • The PL-960 is powerful and versatile. Can trace and locate any continuous metal such as iron, steel, and copper water lines, gas lines, tracer wire by plastic pipe, telephone/TV cables, copper and aluminum wire, conduit and power lines.
  • Max depth 5m. Runs on 6D cell batteries-Transmitter and 6 AA batteries-Receiver. Comes with Padded Case Transmitter, Receiver, manual and Conductive Clips.

NPL-100: Non - Metallic Pipe Locator


  • The NPL-100 is a sophisticated instrument for locating non-metallic water pipelines.
  • Using a vibrator attached to the outlet of a fire hydrant or to pipe fittings, the NPL-100 sends a sound wave through the water in the pipe.
  • This sound wave is detected by the NPL-100's sensitive ground microphone (receiver), permitting accurate tracking of the pipeline. The vibrator's signal intensity and frequency can be remotely controlled from the receiver to find the optimum resonance of the pipeline.
  • NPL-100 has the automatic adjustment function for tuning in a resonance frequency of each pipe.

F-90M : Marker Locator


  • The F-90M is the professional's choice for locating buried valve boxes and covers.
  • The F-90M detects buried metallic objects such as meter boxes, valve boxes, and manhole covers.
  • Ferrous metal objects can be detected more than a foot beneath the surface, and their presences are indicated by both an addible tone and meter deflection.



  • Light Weight Deflectometer - calibrated according to TP BF-StB part 8.4 (2016 edition)
  • measuring range 15 - 70 MN/mĀ² Evd
  • stable wireless data transmission, particularly important in civil engineering
  • powerful Li-ion battery
  • square catch handle to prevent rolling away during transport
  • high-quality chemical Ni-galvanic for the perfect protection against corrosion
  • automatic calibration reminder 6 weeks before expiry date
  • including WEBERconnect app from Google Play StoreĀ® when using your own smartphone
  • including ANT dongle and adapters
  • WEBERconnect App for Android
  • full operation of the LWD via WEBERconnect app
  • different languages selectable
  • GPS - system of the smartphone for positioning (selectable)
  • Documentation in PDF and CSV data format
  • manually input of various information
  • insert measuring point photo into the log using a smartphone
  • generate PDF protocols including company and user data, company logo, information on the construction project, the location of the measurement and a photo of the measurement point
  • Measurement results are automatically archived by construction project
  • send single or multiple PDF logs
  • Measurement results can also be sent as raw data and/or in CSV format